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Lay me down and tell a story to take away the frown

I didn't know comedians had babies
But, your words are infectious as rabies
Giving birth to moments of rare brilliance
Cause if i were, Robbin' "Hood i'd have their millions

Lay me down and tell a story to take away the frown

C'mon my dear, hornin' for some action
Worth the Doe, i'm looking for passion
Cause two wholes take away the fraction
Tell me where the slot is to put my cash in

Do I wrap it up before i put it in deposit
Because i've become leery of keepin it in the closet
Giddy about this money like a teenagers first time
I do know she's after the tip just like her pursed "rhyme"

Lay me Down

Learned in my ways, she can read me sideways
She got there quick like driving from Virginia to LA in five days

... and tell me a story...

Teaching me to laugh at myself and wait to be released
Patience is a virtue and i'll let the four-play get even

To take away the frown.

She told me of how when you're in U endo
And the price of purity rises when faith is in store
So laugh me a lullaby, my Dear, now that i've engaged you
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March 31, 2009
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